metal cutting circular saw

Ask any craftsman, and he’ll tell you how much of an improvement a power saw is over a regular saw. Even though it does take a little extra training before one can properly handle a power saw, the amount of time and effort you save by working with a power saw is no small achievement.

However, many craftsmen make a mistake believing each power saw is equivalent and fail to notice the differences in functionality between them, specifically the ones designed to cut through different materials. This is why they often make the mistake of using a wood cutting circular saw to cut metal, something which completely renders their saw useless.

Are you one of the unlucky craftsmen who broke their saw like this? Well, not to worry since we at MetalCuttingCircualrSaw.com are here to help you out!


About Us

If you’re looking to buy metal cutting circular saws or any part related to them, we’re your guys. Our site has information on everything you could need for cutting metal, be they pieces as thin as sheets or much thicker rods of other tougher metals. We’re even experts when it comes to picking out replacement blades for your saw which you can swap out with your current blade that’s dulled out over use.


Why Buy A Metal Cutting Circular Saw?

There is a huge difference between the toughness of wood and metal, and this difference is nowhere

clearer than it is when you’re using a saw to cut the materials. Frankly speaking, a woodworker’s circular saw just isn’t built to handle the stress a metal cutting saw can take, and forcibly using a wood cutting circular saw to cut metal is only going to shorten the lifespan of your tools.

What’s more, is that the blade on a wood cutting saw isn’t even of the right kind; you need a blade made with a tougher material, with special abrasive coating on the teeth, and even the teeth of the blade have to be larger and fewer in number. Suffice it to say; if you’re looking to cut metal, then you need to pick up the tool that was built to do just that.


The Different Kinds Available

While all metal cutting circular saws all work on the same mechanics and principles, their design varies from company to company, and the

shape of the saw dictates how it has to be held when operating. In this scenario, we recommend the user pick out a saw that he would be most comfortable using since that would help him work the most efficiently.

You also need to be careful of the saw blade you choose for cutting different types of metals; generally speaking, softer metals like aluminum and copper can be cut with less abrasive blades, while tougher metals like iron need a blade with thicker and fewer teeth to effectively cut it.



Now that you’ve understood why you need a metal cutting circular saw to cut metal, it’s time to browse through our recommendations to find one that’s perfect for you.

And while you’re at, why not buy an extra blade or two? You might find them quite useful if you’re planning to use your saw extensively in the future.